Salvation Course #3

The Importance of Salvation Lesson

Do we truely understand the importance of our salvation? And do you understand as an individual believer what part you play in the salvation of others? This lesson will focus on your salvation and how you could have an impact on these two questions.

Our bible study lessons are simple with the purpose of helping fellow believers in recieving a better understanding about the bible.  They can be done by one individual or they can be done by a group. 

Your assignment : 

1.  Read three or more bible verses on Salvation.

2.  Review one or more videos lesson on Salvation.

3.  Review one or more bible study lessons.

4.  Review one or more sermons on Salvation.

5.  Review How to Witness to Someone about Salvation.

6.  Review one or more Web resources on Salvation.

7.  Send us an email let us know what you thought of this lesson at:

8. Send us an email upon completing this lesson and we will send you a certificate of training.


                                                      I. Bible Verses on Salvation


II. Video Lessons What is Salvation?

III. Video Sermons on What is Salvation?

VI. How to Witness Salvation to Someone

V. Resources on Salvation

VI.  You Are Now Ready to Share Your Faith With Others. 

 Click on the image below.  This is a tool to help you to share your faith.