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Hosea 4:6a “my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge”

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Here is My Story on Why I Created this Devotional and Study Tool

During the Gulf War, my unit deployed from Germany to the nation of Israel as part of Joint Task Force Patriot missiles in defense of the Nation of Israel. Our mission was to protect Israel against Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi scud missile attacks. A year later, my unit deployed again from Germany, but this time to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our mission was to protect Saudi Arabia from potential scud missile attacks. When I was not soldiering per se, I switched hats and became an ambassador for Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20-21).

I volunteered to travel alongside our Army Chaplain as part of God’s Army to assist him in conducting church services at Isolated U.S government compounds and communication sites. After conducting our first service at this location, we were presented with an excellent opportunity to also minister to Saudis and what I believe to be a few third world citizens that were working at this location. They came to us because they were willing to hear more about the Good News. You could feel and see in their eyes that they had a zeal for God and a hunger for more information about Christ.

Trusting God to Orchestrate the Opportunity

We believed in our hearts that God had orchestrated the opportunities for us to safely conduct these services. Ministering and conducting services to Saudi citizens on Saudi soil is termed an underground Christian church service which is forbidden in most, if not all Arab countries, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We knew the risk and counted it joy trusting by faith that God had our backs and that His Spirit was with us. We stood on the written words of (2 Timothy 1:7) (Matthew 28:18-20) (Acts 1:8) (Philippians 4:13) and (Isaiah 54:17).

Let me give an example of what we were faced with. Our Army Chaplain had to remove his cross insignia off his hat and he also had to cover up his Chaplain’s branch insignia on his collar prior to us leaving our missile site. Any Christian materials such as bibles and any other Christian literatures that we were carrying had to be hidden until we arrived at our destinations. Saudi authorities had the legal power to confiscate and destroy these materials, if discovered. This thought never crossed our minds at the time, but the most dangerous part of this was, if our activities were discovered, we would have been reported to their religious authority and our Army Chain of Command. It would had been up to our Army Command to take some course of action against us.

 Understanding the Plight of Other Believers

Years later after living with this experience and with the knowledge of the plight of other believers in Christ, I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to create my first Christian website The Great Commission Pledge. My ministry’ objectives was to provide the gospel in a one stop-shop informational format that provided easy access for fellow believers around the world with Christian resources, bible study materials, video sermons and lessons, and gospel music videos. God spoked to my spirit about adding a Language translator to each page which turned out to be a blessing for our world-wide viewers. After the success of my first website, I was inspired to create and shepherd my second international website I AM for Christ Ministries as a dual threat and attack against the enemy.

My ministry’ objectives were not created or intended solely on behalf of believers in other countries, but created for anyone, no matter where they lived that has a hunger for God and a desire to have access to God’s information. I was inspired by the unction of the Holy Spirit after reading (2 Timothy 2:15) to create a study resource page as a study tool to help our brothers and sisters gain free access to information about Christ that many in the United States ignore or take for granted. Attached below are some of the best informational websites that I believe in the world. I added this Daily Devotional and Bible Study Tools as a resource for whosoever is hungry for the Word of God. (Hosea 4: 6a) (KJV) says “My people perish from a lack of knowledge.”

Why I have been Called to Share the Good News

My unit spend combat tours in both Israel and Saudi Arabia. I am sure that many of my fellow soldiers will not agree with me on this, but spiritually speaking I counted this time as a blessing. God gave me an opportunity to soldier in the defense of the nation of Israel. Defending Israel was a blessing to all of us according to what God told Father Abraham in (Genesis 12:2-3). I have been blessed by this revelation and I have claimed this blessing ever since then. God also gave us the opportunity to walk amongst the Jewish people in cities and sites in Israel like Haifa (Mt. Carmel), Tel Aviv, Capernaum (The Town of Jesus), and Jerusalem (Knesset, Dome of the Rock, and the remnants of the Second Temple).

We also had the opportunity to visit where Jesus conducted the Sermon of the Mount, the Beatitudes, Holocaust Memorial Museum and for many the opportunity to be baptized in the Sea of Galilee. I was blessed to get a free education to see and learn first-hand as a minister about the historical sites in the Holy Land that came alive to me from the bible. This is why I am sharing my story and why I have been called to share the Good News.

Valuable Lessons Learned in Israel and Saudi Arabia

I learned a lot from my service in Saudi Arabia as well. We did have the opportunity to walk and shop amongst their great people as well. They were gracious and welcoming to us. We did attend church services and bible studies on our missile base. Several of us would travel from our base just about every Sunday to attend services with our Air Force brothers and sisters at their Air base in Riyadh. We had great times together worshipping God.

I was also given an assignment one weekend to travel to our Dhahran Air base for the weekend. When I got there to my surprise, I found out that there was a revival occurring that weekend. I knew then that God gave me this assignment because He had something great that He wanted me to see and something He wanted me to share with the world. The Dhahran revival was great. There were at least over two hundred service men and women in attendance at this service worshipping God. It was the greatest move of God that I have ever participated in. My spiritual relationship with God was elevated several levels. My life and the love for God was changed forever. Just in case you missed this. This move of God and these church services happened on the soil of Saudi Arabia. Hallelujah!

Soldiering in both Israel and Saudi Arabia taught me a valuable lesson about the seeds of Father Abraham. I learned this even in War, that we are all brothers and sisters regardless of religious preference. Many around the world do not understand or accept the facts that we are all considered a part of the Abrahamic religions, the Christians, Muslims and Jews. Abraham first two sons were Ishmael and Isaac. You will have to read (Genesis 17:15-21) to see their connection and their blessings from God.

 Let Us Touch and Agree on This Prayer

I am asking for you to pray with me to soften the hearts and minds of leaders in countries like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and other countries that have prohibited their citizens from having access to the bible. Let us touch and agree that they will allow their citizens full access to the written Word of God and that they will allow their citizens to freely worship with out persecution for their beliefs. Please let us not forget that Christians in these countries have been jailed, murdered, and for many, their property had been taken and for others they have suffered the loss of loved ones, simply because they had a hunger for God and or they had a bible.

My prayer for you is that you will receive a revelation of God’s Word and that you will find this information and the following websites useful for your studies and for your ministry. May God use you to bless others. Be blessed and remember that you have been called out of darkness by God to be an ambassador for Christ (1 Peter 2:9) (2 Corinthians 5:17-21). Receive this blessing in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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