Spending Private Time with God

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Spending Private Time with God – Bible Study #4

You say that you love God, but do you put God first? How many of us really spend private time (aka me time) with Him? Do you remember the tearful moment of joy when you first fell in love with God and you accepted Christ as your Savior? Like most Christian at that moment, we were hungry for God and was willing to go anywhere and do everything necessary to be in His presence. Do you remember saying “I surrender all for You Lord”.

Now like most people today, we only call upon God when we need something special from Him.

The truth is that our relationship with Him is only as good as our one on one time with Him.  The seeds that you sow while praying, singing or studying his word will determine the successful outcome of your prayer or your request to him!  Spend some time with Him today and every day.

Our prayer is that you receive a greater revelation and understanding of God and that you will step into a new level in your relationship with Him.  Amen and Amen

Lloyd C. Glover

Lloyd C. Glover
Pastor, I AM for Christ Ministries

I. Enter into the Inner Court with God

When Jesus died on the Cross and said that it is finished. The bible says that immediately the veil in the Temple was torn in two giving us access to God.  No more blood offerings of bulls, goats or sheeps.  Jesus’ blood was the final blood for our sins.  No more need of a priest, minister or anyone else that would be needed to approach God for us.  We are children of God which means we have access to the Father for ourselves because of the price that was paid by Jesus at the Cross of Calvary.  Amen.

II. How to Pray

III. Hearing the Voice of God

IV. Spending Time with God Sermons

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